The Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP) is a National Science Foundation funded research grant whose aim is to improve student access to, and achievement in, challenging and advanced courses in mathematics and science; to improve the quality, quantity, and diversity of the teacher workforce through cultivation and professional development; and to understand, through research, how to effectively perform those tasks.

MSPGP focuses on improving secondary mathematics and science, grades 6-12, in an open loop environment typical of sprawling, densely-populated greater metropolitan areas containing hundreds of school districts and dozens of institutions of higher education.

In an effort to build the required linkages that address issues such as bringing strong local successes to scale and preventing program erosion over time, we bring together the secondary schools of 46 Pennsylvania and New Jersey districts, the science, mathematics, and education faculties of 13 colleges and universities, and the resources of a number of non-profit organizations to accomplish this work. We work primarily through professional development and administrative consultations to create professional communities of practice within departments, buildings, districts, and disciplines.

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